About Hypnobirthing & The Positive Birth Program

So often, the thought of birth can be daunting and overwhelming.


Truth is, birth is not something that is to be feared, it is one of the most natural and beautiful processes of all.  

The Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program promotes intuitive birthing and supports women to trust in their body and their baby.

Our program is up to date and evidence based, using self hypnosis for natural pain relief and fear release.  

We support women and birth partners to make informed decisions and be empowered through every step of their birthing journey.  Your ideal birth, however that looks, is possible and we are excited to show you how!

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About Me

I am Erin, a Registered Nurse, yoga teacher and most importantly, mother to my beautiful daughter. 


After using Hypnobirthing Australia for my own birth, I knew wholeheartedly, that it was my mission to empower women and birth partners to have the birth they want, on their terms.


In my role as a nurse, I came across countless negative views about birth and people scoffed when I told them I was using hypnobirthing.  It made me think about the impact these stories can have on those that hear them and how this fear is then passed on.


My birthing day was, in all honesty, the best day of my life and I want so greatly to empower other women to have this same experience.